Andy Mount

Driver ‘health movement’ hitting stride

On the blog of the U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a shout-out was posted yesterday to the Heathy Trucking Association of America and the Trucking Solutions Group 61+ Driver Health Advisory Committee's health walk at GATS last week, which I wrote a little about in advance of the show. Held at the Dallas Convention Center on Saturday, Aug. 28, the walk was the latest in a series of such held to bring awareness to all about ...

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Rolling out to Dallas ‘Too Hot to Trot’ 5K

Well, folks, I finished -- no surprise to regular readers, I'd guess, since you've seen a little proof I can do some long-distance running. Get over a couple miles, though, for me, and it hurts. Add to that the constant walking around the show floor at the Great American Trucking Show (picture from the bobtail lot) here in Dallas I've been doing for past couple days and a 5K run isn't perhaps the most relaxing way I could have spent the ...

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