Cybersecurity alliance formed specifically to address IoT, the Internet of Tru…, um, ‘Things’

In AT&T's analysis of the threat to internet-connected things, including vehicles, over the recent past, the company said "in the past three years" it "has seen a 3,198% increase in attackers scanning for vulnerabilities in IoT devices."

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iPhone or Android? Titans neck and neck among drivers

It’s neck and neck between the two smartphone giants among fans of Overdrive’s Facebook page weighing in on a proposed choice between the iPhone or one among many of Google Android-powered devices (Motorola Droid Razr pictured) available today. “This one I want to follow,” the very first commenter noted when we asked the "iPhone or Android?" question several weeks back, “coming from a guy with a ‘flip phone’ and a Blackberry for work that I ...

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