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‘Driver mode’ proposed by NHTSA to lock certain cell phone features while driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently released a set of proposed guidelines to help cut down on distracted driving, including device pairing and asking cell phone manufacturers to develop a “driver mode” that blocks many of a phone’s functions.

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Driving blindfolded or asleep? Avoid these states

Atlas Van Lines has put together a clever infographic highlighting statistics about distracted driving and safety.

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StrapCaddy hands-free phone accessory

The StrapCaddy is designed for hands-free talking. It can hold a phone securely, attaching the phone to the seatbelt, while the driver uses the speakerphone. The StrapCaddy is an alternative for people who don’t have or want Bluetooth devices. It stays on your seatbelt and is ready to be used anytime. The StrapCaddy fits any iPhone 4 or 4S and will soon be available for HTC Android phones. For more information, visit www.strapcaddy.com

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