data sufficiency

A shot in the arm for fixing CSA

The added weight of an objective party is welcome, especially knowing it gives Congress a clear vision of CSA problems. FMCSA has made relatively superficial changes – slowly – to CSA. It’s a shame it’s taken so many voices to repeat the call that change needs to be faster and more substantive.

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GAO CSA report fallout: More small-carrier inspections on the way?

Some watchers feel that "reprioritizing" inspection criteria to grab and tie up more and more of the "little guys" among carriers on the road might be the onerous result of the GAO's focus on lack of data.

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Inconsistent enforcement: CSA vs. the independent

In the two years since CSA's advent, the smallest carriers have had a much greater chance of getting inspected and put out of service than drivers and trucks of the largest carriers.

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