driving in snow

Morbid March

"Does anyone else think a giant rabbit with the ability to get into your house and squeeze your neck is terrifying?"

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The costs of waiting out the storm

Beth Brelje, writing in the Pocono Record of Pennsylvania, visited with several truckers waiting out a snowstorm in a Wal-Mart parking lot off I-84. Such waits have been legion for the nation's haulers this season, with record amounts of snowfall hitting places where a snow deluge is not such a common thing. It may be common enough in the northern state of Pennsylvania, of course, but not such that authorities didn't move to ban truck ...

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Baltimore columnist: ‘Can’t avoid jackknifing? Don’t be a truck driver’

Michael Dresser, writing in the Baltimore Sun after the deluge of snow that blanketed the East Coast over the Super Bowl weekend, singled out several jackknifed rigs and their drivers in the Baltimore area as "Public Enemy No. 1." One such jackknifing incident, he writes, turned I-95 into a parking lot for the entirety of that Saturday afternoon. In a more recent follow-up column, Dresser reveals that the response from truckers around the nation was voluminous, ...

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