Star spangled shredder

"I like celebrating the Fourth with fireworks and big bodacious booms just as much anyone else, but I'm here to tell ya', I've had just about enough of the backyard displays this year. Mostly because I'm gravely injured ..." Sometimes, celebrating is hard.

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Pack, paint, pain: Dreaming of the road, at home

"It only makes sense that I pack my bags and return to the road for a few days, so I can actually get some rest. No one asks you to paint houses -- unless it's code for something like 'cleaning your truck' is."

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Tragedy in Nashville after low-speed tip-over

The above looks due west/northwest on Glenrose Avenue in Nashville, Tenn., just up the road from the site of a tragedy a few nights back that, like so many, could have been avoided. I don't know all the circumstances, but a fuel tanker driver heading east on Glenrose toward the Delta Express fueling station on the northeast corner at Glenrose and Thompson Lane apparently took a wrong turn, making a left onto "Old Glenrose." What ...

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