Notable independent Colorado truck stop closes shop; chance encounters on the road

The Rocky Mountain Travel Center just north of Pueblo, Colo., on I-25 exit 110 closed up shop yesterday, reported Carlos Mora of the Pueblo Chieftain newspaper. According to Mora's report, the owner cites a confluence of factors for the demise of the near-half-century-old family business that was the truck stop and travel plaza. Chief among them appeared to be large bank loans structured in such a way as to become untenable in repayment, owner Grant ...

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A Jazzy Jordan racecar design; more from the run

Since Jasmine "Jazzy" Jordan completed her run across the United States to benefit the St. Christopher Truckers Development & Relief Fund, haulers around the nation have used the internet to send out mini-tributes to her historic effort, from posted pictures (such as the one here from Robert Curran, of Jazzy signing his flatbed) and anecdotes on blogs and more; others have custom-designed tribute slogans and placed them in various spots on their trucks and trailers. But ...

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