Malik Yafai

Doggie online social networking; Nashville flood update

Let's put the disclaimers up top, how bout? "No humans were harmed in the making of" the doggie social-networking website, says founder Diarmuid Scullin, a long-hauler who started out with a simple, if somewhat off-the-wall idea. "Have you ever noticed that the vast majority of dog owners tend to be warm, open and friendly people but maybe because of time or other commitments you rarely see two walking together, talking together or getting a chance ...

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Owner-operator assesses options for rig flooded at TA

The Cumberland River in and around Nashville, Tenn., Thursday, May 6, finally dropped below flood stage, and for many affected in the area, the cleanup process, if not already well underway, began in earnest. At the now-dry site of the inundated TravelCenters of America location downtown (the clean-up there, said sources at the site yesterday, could take up to six weeks), West Nashville Towing was in the process of removing flooded rigs, for those carriers and/or ...

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