I’m the map

"That's right folks, I've gone around the corner where satellite imagery is no longer magic to me at all, but the fact that people could fairly well draw a coastline without ever seeing it from above is straight-up wizardry."

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POLL: If any, what weigh station bypassing system do you use?

Whether the longstanding PrePass or NorPass systems or newer Drivewyze (or none at all), which system is in your truck? Vote in the poll here and sound off on system utility in the comments.

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Fuel site locator mobile app

The fuel site locator application for smart phones allows customers to locate the type of fuel they need at the lowest fuel price. Customers set their location and search radius and fuel type, and the app will list fuel sites with the lowest fuel price options. Any site chosen can be used with GPS to plot to a map. Maps can be changed to satellite, hybrid or terrain views.

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