Pure Grain

Looking back — and forward — with Pure Grain to the band’s ‘Truckin Song’ video

"We are grateful of the support and love we have received from the truck drivers who have embraced us over the years." --Pure Grain's Brian DeBruler on the band's first vid, "Truckin Song," reaching 1 million views.

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What are the top ten trucking songs of all-time?

Planning for Overdrive's 50th anniversary this year, we want to hear from you with recommendations for a top-ten list of the best trucking songs of all time. Lest I unduly influence the process, I will refrain here from mentioning my own top-ten, but let's say potential contenders could range from classics by Red Sovine to "Eastbound and Down" to the more recent, such as Pure Grain's "Trucking Song" or many a tune penned by owner-operator-crooners ...

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