ELD mandate: What about trucks plated below 26,000 lbs.?

Q&A: Will under 26K-lb. trucks be required to utilize ELDs under FMCSA's final rule? Short answer: Yes, but complications with the short-haul exceptions in the hours rules may apply to some operations.

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Combating cargo theft: An interview with Schneider security director Walt Fountain

When I visited Schneider National’s Green Bay, Wis., headquarters in June for the carrier’s 75th-anniversary celebration, I got an up-close look at one of many efforts the company’s put in place over the years to enhance the security of its customers’ cargo in transit and at each of its 15 domestic facilities. Gate-security ground zero in Wisconsin allows 24-hour surveillance monitors to keep tabs on the comings and goings at 15 yards around the country. ...

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