Memorial Day fun with Heister’s hot rod — and a new truck

Yesterday, owner-operator Dan Heister invited myself and the family out to his new place in Tennessee Ridge, Tenn., near his former home in Erin, for a cookout with various other friends and family. Something of an early Memorial Day celebration, as Heister was setting out today with a northeast-bound load of rock in his new 2004 International (pictured, replacing a model of similar vintage but much higher mileage), he took some time out of the ...

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NASCAR truck series driver Caitlin Shaw honoring truckers going ‘green’

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver Caitlin Shaw, pictured, at 21 years old has taken on quite a task that is also something of a promotion and meant specifically to honor the nation's haulers -- particularly, she says, those many individuals "who have made a difference in the environment, whether it be a large change, or something as simple as changing oil brands to gain better mileage." She wrote us personally, which might be considered something ...

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