real-time tracking

Is the ELD mandate’s pre-2000 exemption simply delaying the inevitable?

At least one analyst says yes, within 24 months of the ELD mandate going into effect, “nearly everyone will need an ELD, whether they like it or not, purely from a market standpoint.” That's not a universally held viewpoint, however.

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Live load visibility with a simple, free smartphone app

Owner-operators, there's been no shortage of talk about the profusion of truck-tracking devices and the relative problems they could cause, given ongoing hours-of-service/EOBR issues and discussions. But the simple fact of the matter is that allowing shippers and consignees a real-time window into your location could be a quite simple way to engage potential direct-freight customers if you're using brokers, or a value-added service if you're already independent with your own shippers (if, of course, ...

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