Scott Cornell

Heists involving identity theft and other types of fraud are growing part of cargo theft mix

Since the so-called “fictitious pickup” cargo theft mode drew enough attention in supply-chain-security circles to warrant specific attention, it's only continue to grow as a share of all load thefts nationwide. Combat it with information security.

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Cargo theft trends: With Scott Cornell and the Travelers Insurance sting trailer

Cornell says the fastest-growing category of "strategic cargo theft" is seeing thieves utilize sophisticated identity theft and other schemes toward posing as legitimate truckers to make off with freight. How Travelers' sting trailer has been used to combat it.

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Reporting cargo theft — balancing act in more ways than one…

Tune in Wednesday at 8 p.m. Eastern for the Truth About Trucking online radio program with host Allen Smith. My fellow Truckers News/Overdrive Senior Editor Max Kvidera and I will be guests on the subject of cargo theft, the topic of note in the latest, September edition of Truckers News, out now in digital format and hitting the truckstop racks as we speak. Cargo theft has risen sharply in recent years, some now referring to it ...

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