surface transportation reauthorization

Some good news: Jason’s Law in the highway bill

In all the hubbub over the mandate for electronic onboard recorders included in the highway-bill language, it's perhaps been easy to overlook some of better results for truckers and advocates, chief among them other language in the bill that, if it ultimately passes (as expected), brings to fruition nearly four years' worth of advocacy that began with the work of individual drivers honoring the memory of one of their own, Jason Rivenburg (pictured). Jason's Law is ...

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Highway bill highlight reel

The American Trucking Associations' summary of new highway bill items that are of interest to motor carriers, sent out to various media, follows -- I've rearranged a few items of driver/owner-operator interest to bring them closer to the top. Electronic Logging Devices The bill requires DOT to establish regulations mandating electronic logging devices (EOBRs) for motor carriers currently required to complete paper logs.  The regulations must be in place within 1 year; carriers will have two years ...

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