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Voices on ELDs, hours, pay as grassroots efforts begin to bear fruit

As news out of Congress shows some of the results of anti-ELD mandate forces speaking out, this voices round-up brings commentary under Max Heine's July "Pulse" column on what one reader dubbed "the real problem" at the root of ELD issues, hours. Not everyone agreed, some seeing rates/money as the more bedrock issue in all the back-and-forth over ELDs and hours. 

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Audit delays cross-border plan, court asked to review pilot program, hours rule due by end of month, a bridge closure, FMCSA says CSA helps compliance and other industry news items are featured.

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FMCSA says it’s addressing cross-border program concerns

The audit reported the agency had adequate border inspections, but more action is necessary to meet U.S. regulations and standards.

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