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Tina Comer

TinaComerI’ve been in this business for 24 years with my husband and when our four children were old enough, we added a second truck and I started hauling as well. I love my job, as hard as some days can be, because it’s mine. I know it, I make the ultimate decisions on it (along with the hubby of course *wink*) and even on a bad day, I get to laugh with my friends. Plus, every day is casual Friday!

I haul primarily logs, which is my favorite. Nothing better than the sunrise in the mountains. Now that three of our kids are grown (two married and in the Air Force and one working for Caterpillar) my husband, Robert, and i are even happier that we share the same interest and we work on them side by side. Sometimes we even get to haul on the same job together.

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