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Double-brokered loads, ELD issues, pausing that 14-hour clock already: Friday podcast round-up

This edition of Overdrive Radio further digs in around the expectation mismatch between brokers and carriers in load negotiations -- plus more views on the potential for hours of service change from readers.

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Jayne Denham’s new record, Jason Lee Wilson, Bill Weaver and more music haps at MATS

A new record, another trailer getting the message out onto the streets, quite actually, for Australian singer-songwriter Jayne Denham down under. Following the "Calamity" record's March 16 release, she's performing next week at MATS. Among trucker-songwriters also performing at various times are several whose names will be familiar to Overdrive readers.

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Managing ridiculous expectations handed down from brokers

A talk with small fleet owner Leander Richmond for this Overdrive Radio podcast reveals some brokers have gone so far as to make it a contract stipulation that the carrier will be required to send proof of delivery within an hour of offload – or lose all claim to payment for that load. Sound outrageous? We thought so, too, but there's more. Take a listen.

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Mailbag: Split sleeper-berth option high on haulers’ hours wish list

The large majority of reader respondents you’ll hear in this mailbag edition of the Overdrive Radio podcast took the notion of a pause button for the 14-hour rule farther. It’s split rest, or split sleeper berth period flexibility, that most want,

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Let the 14-hour conversations … begin?

'Continue' rather than 'begin' is probably the best word to describe what's been at the forefront of hours-change debate for years now. Voices here following OOIDA's lodging of a petition to the FMCSA to add an up-to-three-hour off-duty pause to extend the clock.

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In this latest edition of Overdrive Radio, Stephen Michaels talks about his informal ambassadorship from the trucking world to the motoring public via his live-feed webcam, which has yielded plenty individual dividends in motorist education and a turn in the perception of trucking.

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Mintu Pandher’s small fleet success in fuel hauling, truck-stop ownership

Small fleet owner Mintu Pandher, who came to the U.S. with his parents in 1999, followed the growth in oil drilling into independence as an owner-operator. His Akal Energy small fleet grew fairly quickly over several years with contracts with some fuel providers, running out of Laramie, Wyo.

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Independence basics: Binda Atwal’s attractions to trucking

It's the income possibilities owner-operator Binda Atwal names as his principal attraction to trucking, for his young family – Atwal and his wife are the proud parents of two children, a four- and one-year-old.

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Round-up: Best safety device — you; Answering an ELD-exemption question

No safety tech can be an effective substitute for the ship captain: "No matter how fancy , no matter how new, the best safety device in your truck is you." --Reader Paul Maine ALSO: Isolated farm-equipment haul prompts ELD mandate question.

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A corrective to ‘bubble-wrapped’ driving syndrome

A tip from Mustang's Trucking -- don't try to read a book while going down the road -- applicable whether your truck is "bubble-wrapped" with auto-braking and lane-departure-warning tech or not ...

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