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Blaise Verdino’s family heirloom is an 18-wheeler

Blaise Verdino

How did you get into trucking? My dad is a trucker and has been trucking for almost 50 years — so I grew up with a love of trucks. He told me a lot of stories about the road — a lot of them I can’t repeat. What does it take to be successful in the trucking industry? Hard work. I still do all my own maintenance — brakes, tires, grease jobs, and oil changes — because it ...

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What’s your best advice for choosing loads?

“Part of watching our expenses is watching what we are hauling. We can pull an empty shipping container, and it’s like pulling a parachute, but we can put a heavy object on the trailer, like building supplies, and we get better mileage because it works better with the flatbed.”

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