Trucking co. owners plead guilty to violating FMCSA shutdown order, creating ‘chameleon carrier’

| September 02, 2014
three angels fams

Photo from the scene of one of the Three Angels Farms crashes that led to the FMCSA shutdown order.

Two former trucking company owners pleaded guilty Aug. 19 to violating shutdown orders issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in a reincarnated carrier scheme conducted in 2012 and 2013.

Dorian Ayache, owner and operator of Three Angels Farms in Lebanon, Tenn.; and Theresa Vincent, owner and operator of Terri’s Farm in Murfreesboro, Tenn., pleaded guilty to criminal charges in continuing to operate a horse transporting company after FMCSA shut down the carrier with an imminent hazard out-of-service order.

The agency issued Three Angels Farms and Ayache an IHO in June 2012, after the agency determined the carrier did not adequately maintain his vehicles, did not comply with hours-of-service limits and did not drug test his drivers.

The agency also determined the carriers’ poor safety practices led to two accidents that resulted in the deaths of four of the horses being transported by the carrier.

Ayache then criminally violated the IHO, the DOT says, by continuing his operation under the name and authority of Terri’s Farm. The agency says Terri’s Farm was nothing more than a reincarnation of Three Angels.

The two also tried to conceal and destroy email communication between one another, and Vincent lied while testifying to a grand jury about her connection to Ayache, the DOT says.

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