‘Move over, Raquel!’

World-renowned sex symbol Raquel Welch couldn’t hold a candle to Regina Haskins Meredith, according to the headline in Overdrive’s May 1973 issue. Then 21, Meredith was that month’s Date Master and had just signed a contract to model for Dodge’s newly introduced heavy-duty Bighorn. On OverdriveRetro’s feature, read more about her career and photos of her modeling days from both Overdrive and Chrysler advertisements that ran in several trucking trade magazines.

Meredith had a stellar career in television broadcast and was a trailblazer for especially women sports reporters. Unlike the short-fated Bighorn, which you can read about in the story, Meredith has had a widely diverse career. Her work included nearly a decade with the Public Broadcasting Station.  Along with the feature, see the photo gallery of her and the Bighorn that accompanies the OverdriveRetro story.