Video: A quick run in Mike Morgan’s ChampTruck-in-progress

| December 23, 2014

Mike Morgan's Mack ChampTruck

Mike MorganNashville, Tenn., area-based Mike Morgan, a Mack of Nashville diesel tech and former small-circuit racer/pit crew member, fashioned the racing Class 8 he’s been working on in his home shop in Wartrace, Tenn. He’s planning to race with his Powershift Performance race team in the ChampTruck series when it gets kicking in the new year.


ChampTruck race series launches fleet participation program

ChampTruck race series launches fleet participation program

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Morgan has built his race truck from the ground up, with help from David Holbrook of Holbrook Farms (the roll cage) and Winrock Truck Parts and Equipment as a sponsor. The truck utilizes a cab and front end from a 1999 Mack CH, a different rear end and a Mack MP7 electronically controlled engine — he’s got a couple different ECMs piggybacked on each other for optimum performance. Take a run through some photos of the unit and a brief bit of drifting around his circle drive to get a feel for it in the video below. And stay tuned for more reporting in the new year.

[youtube nJsivlElGPg nolink]


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