VIDEO: Former Trucker of the Year on health, success strategies

| November 20, 2013

Mike CurleOwner-operator Mike Curle was Overdrive‘s 2004 Trucker of the Year — then an avid fisherman with an uncommonly successful business, the owner-operator today hauls in an International with a 2007-emissions spec Cummins engine, still leased to the Jones Motor Group, with whom he hauled back in 2004. You can read more about his story from that time via this link, but we had the rare opportunity to catch up with owner-operator Curle this year for a video interview.


Simple diet shifts for weight loss, breaking free of apnea, more

Simple diet shifts for weight loss, breaking free of apnea, more

For some obstructive sleep apnea sufferers, there might be a simple -- thought not always easy, of course -- method out of the condition: Losing ...

In the following vid, Curle stresses his somewhat new focus on long-term health and the short-term strategies he’s adopted toward keeping his weight and blood pressure down, and sense of well-being high — from a goal of a minimum of 2,000 steps taken daily to a diet based largely on fresh vegetables and fruit he carries with him in a refrigerator on the tractor. 

[youtube AYh_v4LkMak nolink]

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