Video: Quad-wheeling action at Bridgestone booth

| June 14, 2012



Bridgestone didn’t skimp on the fun factor when designing its 2012 Great West Truck Show booth. At the entrance to the show, the tire maker is registering guests for a go-cart giveaway — one that is a small scale version of its Ecopia Roadshow truck and will be shipped to the winners. They’re giving away five at different shows around the country this year.

In its booth at the back of the show, it’s set up a small test course with two quad-wheel buggies that attendees can mount and test the ride of the Ecopia tires and their rolling resistance.

Below is a video of one such affair. The buggy on the right is equipped with Ecopia tires. Adjacent to the buggy simulation is a fairly hairy obstacle course for a mini, Ecopia-branded tractor-trailer that attendees can test with the pedal-powered truck. Bridgestone is tracking times and is awarding the fastest attendees with prizes.

[youtube oxJ8y79OujI nolink]

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