Driver-facing camera might mark ‘the end’ of one driver’s career


I recently read some of the remarks that drivers made when asked about driving with cameras on you. The one that comes to mind is “I’d drive naked!” After a good laugh, I can personally tell you it is horrible having that thing three feet away from you keeping an eye on you. If you hit a bump, make a sudden move, brake a little harder than normal – these are some of the things that make that red light go on, so you know you are on-camera.

If the camera was just pointed out the front of the cab to witness what happens in front of you, I’d have no problem with it.

I recently left a good-paying job in the gasoline industry primarily because of the camera. It seems such a shame, with 39 years of experience and a clean record, that I have to say this might be the end for me if I can’t find a carrier without a camera.

In defense of the camera, it can at least save a company millions in the legal department. If I remember correctly, at the point of impact it can track back a short period of time, and it stays on some after an accident. It can help in the courtroom to find who is at fault. I would be interested to hear what a supervisor would think of having a camera in his car and in his office, given how they preach the benefits of having a camera. –Charlie LaPorta, Southington, Conn.


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