How to ‘pay for your dashcam several times over’ …


Or, as an alternate headline, perhaps: Truck rolls backward into Mike Boggs’ rig in traffic

Trucker Mike Boggs was sitting in traffic on I-65 behind a van hauler. The driver “let her foot off the brakes and rolled about 10 feet back into me. She damaged my grille, and in order to not have to pay for it myself I called the police and got a report. The cop acted like he was bored to tears after he spoke to the other driver.”

When the officer approached Boggs, he perked up a bit at the mention of Boggs’ dashcam, which had caught the whole thing.

“She was denying that it happened at all,” Boggs says. The officer “was excited to see” the camera, and “made the comment that if ‘everyone had one of these it would make his job so much easier’.” Without the video, it would have been Boggs’ word against that of the other driver, “and the insurance would not pay anything,” he adds. “This minor incident paid for my camera several times over.”

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