Readers voiced variety of views on North Korean nukes amid meetings

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North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was treated to a second meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump in February. Amid the summit, held Feb. 27-28 in Hanoi, Vietnam, the largest share of Overdrive reader respondents to the poll question below seemed to endorse a long game in dealings with the nuclear-armed country. Almost 4 in 10 saw relationship-building between Kim and Trump as a worthy goal and the necessary principal focus of the meeting.

What should be President Trump’s central priority in negotiations with North Korean dictator?

Another 29 percent, furthermore, suggested a nuclear-armed North Korea was simply unacceptable and full disarmament should be the United States’ goal in engaging the country, not just containment of the North Korean nuclear program.

A fifth of readers took a more cynical view of the entire episode, seeming to suggest no amount of diplomacy could justify legitimizing a dictatorial regime of the likes of North Korea. Those respondents either believed the summit served only to legitimize the regime, or favored a hard line on the country’s human right record and its citizens’ liberties.

Talks collapsed as North Korea sought an end to some sanctions imposed by the international community.

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