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A driver so good the shipper gave him his own desk

| October 01, 2010

Talk about burying the lead: The Osakis Review, a paper published from Osakis, Minn., ran a great profile of resident Larry Herzog (pictured, by Greta Petrich), who runs beef destined for McDonald’s customers’ stomachs for carrier Hensley Trucking, also of Osakis. In the profile, Herzog spends due time stressing the difficulties he faces daily in unscrupulous motorists, congestion headaches, parking problems and more. But writer Greta Petrich put perhaps the most interesting piece of the story way down at the bottom, a couple graphs from the end. After company owner Darrin Hensley makes note of Herzog’s “100 percent” work ethic, Petrich writes, “Herzog is so appreciated at a warehouse in Wisconsin that they’ve given him his own desk.”

Now that’s exceptional, eh? Click the thumbnail image above or here for Petrich’s story.

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