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Aaron Tippin and Tony Justice: ‘Brothers of the Highway’ session report from Nashville

| January 08, 2016

Trucker-singer-songwriter Tony Justice’s upcoming “Brothers of the Highway” record has reached an important stop on its route toward the destination of its 2016 release. This week in Nashville, country legend and former trucker Aaron Tippin joined Justice and his producer, Nashville-based Jeff Silvey, at a modest-looking house on 18th Street in the Music Row section of town to lay down vocals for their collaboration on the record’s title track, a song penned in part by Justice cowriter for many tracks on the album, songwriter Kim Williams, who wrote “Brothers” with Doug Johnson and Nicole Witt some time ago.


New Tony Justice album to feature vocal work with Aaron Tippin

New Tony Justice album to feature vocal work with Aaron Tippin

Everhart Transportation driver and singer-songwriter Tony Justice reports that work on a new record is getting under way. For the title track, "Brothers of the ...

It was recorded perhaps most famously as an album track by George Strait, among some other bluegrass cuts, says Silvey.

The house was the former Muy Bueno Music Group headquarters, now housing Wimberley Music, Erv Woolsey’s publishing business and including a studio Silvey utilizes for his production projects, he says. Woolsey, well-known as George Strait’s manager for many years, notably has taken on Everhart Transportation driver Justice as a client in advance of the upcoming record.


Aaron Tippin '25': Overdrive's talk with the songwriter/former trucker

Aaron Tippin ’25’: Overdrive’s talk with the songwriter/former trucker

Catch a few samples from new Tippin tracks and hear the artist reflect on what trucking and truckers have meant to his 25-year music career, ...

Can you think of a moment in relatively recent history where two musicians whose careers are so identified with trucking got together on a song? I can’t, that’s sure. In the podcast talk with Tippin and Justice, with Silvey coming in at the end as well, Justice notes that bit of history in the making is of a piece with his goal for this album, to inspire a “sense of unity and brotherhood and togetherness” among drivers, likewise greater pride in a job well done, all of which he’s felt paling throughout the industry in his decades involved in it. Below the podcast, you can run through the events of the session in the following photos.

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