ATBS tax-savings webinar 3/6

| March 04, 2014

ATBS How to pay less taxes

In collaboration with Freightliner’s Team Run Smart initiative, the owner-operators tax and business services providers at ATBS will host a webinar on Thursday focused on the fact that “almost all owner-operators can significantly reduce the amount of money they hand over to the IRS every year,” ATBS says.


ATBS tax ebook available

ATBS tax ebook available

With chapters devoted to tax liabilities, deductions, key credits, successful bookkeeping practices and some alternative tax strategies, ATBS' new ebook focuses on how owner-operators can ...


The hour-long program will go in-depth on the tax code with information about typical owner-operator tax liability and varying ways to reduce it, including deductions (including the per diem), tax credits, successful bookkeeping strategies and more.  

The webinar begins at 4 p.m. EST Thursday, March 6th. Interested parties can reserve their space via this link. 

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