Traveling Dad

My whole perspective changed when I became a dad. And as my children grow, my perspective continues to grow with them.

When I missed my oldest son’s first birthday because of a business trip, the truth about being a traveling dad hit me hard. He’s 6 now, and that landmark, along with karate competitions and T-ball games, was one that I’ll never be able to go back and experience. But I’ve learned that being a dad on the road is more about those times when you are at home than the ones you miss. Yeah, hearing about those home runs over the cell phone isn’t the same as jumping up to cheer at the crack of the bat, but the hours spent in the backyard practicing that swing mean more to me than that one hit ever could.

I travel only a few weeks a month, which is nowhere near the time you spend on the road away from your family. So it’s hard for me to fully realize the sacrifices you make every day to get that all-important load to its destination.

The important thing for you and me is to not lose sight of the real priorities in life, despite the expectations that plague every day. After all, our fathers felt the same pressures. I think about how much my dad traveled and how, as a kid, I missed him being at those big games and key moments. If you grew up in a trucking family, I’m sure you remember being disappointed as a kid, then unappreciative as a teenager, then grateful as a grownup for the sacrifices your father made.

At this Father’s Day, I would like to thank all the fathers out there who give up time with their families to keep America running. I hope that you’ll be able to spend some quality time with those you love and those who love you.
–Brad Holthaus

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