Reader Rigs

Shawn Ward and the rest of the Ward Manufacturing well-digging crew uses this 1997 Kenworth T800, powered by a 525-hp Cummins N14, to pull a heater that mixes hot water with sand and sends it into the ground to fracture rock. The rig has separate CD players in the tractor and the control house.

Users of now can post photographs and information about their trucks in Truck Gallery, a new section on the eTrucker home page. You can browse all the pictures or sort them by brand, year, model or engine. To load a digital picture of your truck, follow the simple directions in the section.

The best Truck Gallery submissions will be considered for Overdrive. And you can still submit a print or slide of your truck for Overdrive, along with a description of it and its application, to Overdrive Editorial, P.O. Box 31386, Tuscaloosa, Ala., 35403.

The best photo of the month will appear as Photo of the Month in print and online. The winning owner will receive a videotape of “Trucks” from The History Channel’s Modern Marvels series, as well as an Overdrive thermos and cap.

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