Satisfied customers

It’s the nature of business, any business, that the customers you hear from the most are the ones with a complaint. So it always makes my day to hear owner-operators say how much Overdrive means to them. This was the case at the Great American Trucking Show, where I heard comments on Overdrive’s Partners in Business seminar and the accompanying manual.

“I got a lot of tips from it,” said Joseph Marshall of Quincy, Fla., who’s leased to Central Hauling. “I learned how to save fuel, how to do credit and how to plan things out.”

Tony Edmond of Tallahassee, Fla., learned about interest rates, warranties and how to shop for deals. “It tells you step by step right in that book,” said Edmond, who’s leased to Roadrunner Dawes Freight Systems. “After that seminar, I saved $300 between Dallas and Lakeland just by cutting down on my speed and watching my driving. Now I can watch my bottom line.”

Eric Olivares of Houston said he learned about preventive maintenance and fuel surcharges. “That was the best two hours I ever spent,” he said. “I plan on attending it next year and bringing a couple of my business partners. The great part about it is that it is free. I would have easily paid $250 for that seminar.”

We’ll offer the seminar again in March at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky., and at the 2007 Great American Trucking Show in Dallas. If you can’t wait for those and want to order the manual, call (800) 633-5953, Ext. 1301, or visit this site.
–Brad Holthaus, Publisher