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Arrow turn signal
The amber LED arrow signal lamp provides extra
warnings to drivers of trailing vehicles. Long-lasting and shock-resistant, it is rated to last 100,000 hours, compared to 500 hours for some incandescent bulbs.
(800) 628-0809

Climate control unit
The Rite-Temp climate control unit is a battery-powered air-conditioning/heating system with three main components: an Espar Hydronic coolant heater, a Bergstrom NITE air conditioner and four deep-cycle Discover EV12A-A dry cell batteries. The unit keeps the truck cool in warm weather and heats the sleeper bunk, fuel/water separator and engine block during cold weather. The unit also circulates warm fuel from the separator back to both fuel tanks while the truck is unattended.
(800) 367-7670

Wide single for on-/off-highway
Toyo’s M320 wide-base super single tire in the new 425/65R22.5 size is designed for tough on-/off-highway use, with a durability ideal for construction and refuse hauling. The tire features large tread blocks with functional sipes and three wide zigzag grooves to improve traction. Its optimized casing profile maintains a more uniform and flat tread radius for longer life even before retreading. The M320 also is available as a wide-base super single in a 385/65R22.5 size.
West Coast (800) 442-8696
East Coast (888) 444-8696

New Kenworth promotional items
Featuring nearly 60 new items, the 2008 Kenworth Merchandise Collection is available online. Among the new items are T-shirts, caps, outerwear and children’s items. The 2008 Kenworth Calendar, in wall and appointment formats, also is available.
(800) 791-0913

Diamond-plated fenders
Spray’s new diamond-plated Minimizer fender, made of lightweight durable polyethylene, has the rugged heft and appearance of metal.
(800) 248-3855

Tire pressure system
The Air-Chex verification tool allows drivers to get accurate tire pressures from 10 feet away, shortening walk-arounds to less than five minutes. Inflating the inner duals can be done from the Air-Chex unit, which is designed for 16-in. to 24-in. wheels.
(203) 376-2212

Long-running battery
The Oasis is designed to run up to 50 percent longer than other batteries. Featuring a sealed valve-regulated design, this first lead-acid battery from Firefly contains a high-surface-area, non-corroding, lightweight carbon foam.
(309) 690-7500

Partner Insights
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High-flow air cleaner
The Donaldson SSG Engine Air Cleaner, designed for operation in heavy and severe dust, is available in two high-flow models: single and dual outlet. The SSG has molded urethane end-caps that incorporate an axial seal design with metal end-caps. The SSG’s inlet includes a bank of Donaldson Donaclone pre-cleaning tubes designed to catch up to 97 percent of the heaviest dust particles. Pre-cleaned dust is ejected automatically from the dust cup.
(800) 374-1374

Brighter marker lights
The PCP2 LED corner sidemarker/clearance lights require only four, not eight, units to effectively light the truck. The energy-efficient two-LED configuration has a service life of up to 100,000 hours.
(515) 388-1011

Cold plate reefer
The RouteMax is a self-powered, extended-route, cold-plate refrigeration system used exclusively in Johnson bodies on International DuraStar trucks. It maintains temperature by charging coated steel plates with tubes containing a brine solution. The plates are recharged during the route by a condensing unit that quickly restores the body’s internal temperature and removes heat from the cold plates.
(800) 922-8360

Fuel filter
When diesel passes through the Mr. Funnel Fuel Filter, a fast-flowing, industrial-strength conductive polypropylene funnel, water and debris are trapped in a non-stick, built-in stainless-steel filter. Self-cleaning, it requires no maintenance or replacement parts.

Western Star calendar
Western Star’s 2008 calendar features customer-owned trucks in full color against black-and-white backgrounds.
(866) 850-STAR

Step Well LED Lamp
The new Step Well LED WhiteLight lamp improves visibility in floor lighting for vehicles with step-well applications. The brightest LED option on the market, the lamp uses new technology that dissipates the destructive, internal thermal heat buildup that can shorten product life. The operating temperature alleviates the possibility of injury when coming in contact with the lamp.
(800) 628-0809

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