Chrome Shop Mafia tricks out new Freightliner models

Freightliner’s new Cascadia and Coronado models have received custom makeovers at 4 State Trucks’ Chrome Shop Mafia in Joplin, Mo.

The Coronado, Freightliner’s new heavy duty truck, received a four-color paint job and several Chrome Shop Mafia parts, including a stainless steel sun visor, hub, fiberglass double hump fenders and custom frame covers.

Inside, the Chrome Shop Mafia added custom details to the seats and dash and included options such as a built-in refrigerator and a high-tech driver message center.

To create a custom look for the Cascadia, Freightliner’s aerodynamic model, the Chrome Shop Mafia crew created a multicolor sunburst paint effect and added custom rear fenders, axle covers and light panels.

Inside, the crew added custom-embroidered seats and floor mats and painted dash panels that match the exterior paint job.

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