Truck protection system

The Truck Protection System uses sound wave technology to measure the height of most overhead obstacles. Its two components include the In-Cab Driver Programmable Read-Out with an LED display and the Sealed Sensor Unit, which attaches to the exterior mirror bracket. The sensor unit is aerodynamic, waterproof and connects to the In-Cab Driver Programmable Read-Out with 8 feet of coaxial cable, included with the product.

The driver pre-programs the height of the trailer he is pulling into the read-out.  When faced with a bridge or trestle that may be too low for his rig, the driver pulls the cab under the hazard. The mirror mounted protection system sends a signal to the cab, and the readout displays the hazard’s height.  

If the bridge is too low the read-out will beep and flash. If there is clearance, the driver proceeds and the sensor continues to measure the height of the hazard as the truck passes under the hazard. The device can be installed and programmed easily, the company says.

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