Idling regulations listed

The American Transportation Research Institute has added three new idling rules to its listing of state and local regulations.

North Carolina has established a five-minute idling limit. Exceptions are when using air conditioning or heat in sleepers during rest or sleep periods. This exemption, however, expires May 1, 2011. Other exceptions include engine idling that meets the California low-nitrogen oxide idling standards and using an auxiliary power unit.

West Virginia has established a 15-minute idling limit. Exemptions are provided when temperatures are less than 40 degrees or greater than 75 degrees. This exemption expires on May 12, 2012. An exemption is also provided for trucks displaying California Air Resources Board low-nitrogen oxide idle label. 

Detroit has established a five-minute idling limit. Exemptions are provided for vehicles that remain motionless for more than two hours when temperatures are below 25 degrees.

ATRI’s online listing can be found at and is available in two formats – a downloadable card that can be printed and an online version with links to individual regulations.