Truck hi-jackers remain free

Two escaped inmates remain on the loose after hi-jacking a tractor-trailer in Arizona with an accomplice who reportedly is a former truck driver.

Police in Rifle, Colo., located three hours outside of Denver, captured one of the fugitives, Daniel Kelly Renwick, 36, following a pursuit Aug. 2 that ended in his arrest.

All three inmates escaped July 30 from the privately run Arizona State Prison-Kingman, a medium-security facility, according to a Mohave County Sheriff’s Office’s statement.
The other escapees, Tracy Alan Province, 42, and John Charles McCluskey, 45, remain at large. Their accomplice, Casslyn Mae Welch, was identified as assisting McCluskey and Province in stealing a truck July 31 in the Kingman area, 10 miles east of the prison. The hi-jackers used handguns, but five hours later, they released the two male drivers and their truck in Flagstaff.

The 44-year-old Welch only previous legal problem was a traffic violation, which she pleaded guilty to a year ago, according to the Globe Regional Justice Court.

Welch, reportedly a former truck driver and McCluskey’s fiancé, is believed to have aided their escape from the Gordon Valley prison, according to a story in The Arizona Republic.

Following the truck theft, the Mohave County Sheriff sought warrants for Welch, McCluskey and Province for kidnapping and armed robbery.
McCluskey was convicted of attempted second-degree murder, aggravated assault and discharge of a firearm in a Maricopa County. He had 14 years remaining of a 15-year sentence. Province was serving a life sentence for one count of murder and one count of robbery in Pima County.
Renwick was convicted in Pima County of two counts of second-degree murder with a sentence to expire in 2043.

Anyone with information should contact law enforcement immediately.

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