Tractors commemorate Schneiderā€™s founding

Harvey Robbins And Sni 75th Truck

San Bernardino, Calif., resident Harvey Robbins, shown in the photo, is one of 10 drivers hauling freight in Schneiderā€™s new Freightliner tractors specially decorated for the carrierā€™s 75th anniversary celebration.

The front of each truck is emblazoned with Schneiderā€™s anniversary logo to commemorate the fleetā€™s 1935 founding. The side decal depicts one of the carrierā€™s vintage trucks.

Passersby notice the truckā€™s bright orange decoration, Robbins says. ā€œI get a lot of pointing and waving from people in cars driving next to me,ā€ he told company spokespersons. ā€œWhen Iā€™m at truck stops or checkpoints, I get quite a few inquiries and comments about it. I love hearing people say, ā€˜Beautiful truckā€™ and ā€˜Nice truck, Schneider!ā€™ā€