CARB amends reefer unit rule

Updated Nov 22, 2010

The California Air Resources Board has amended its Transport Refrigeration Unit Airborne Toxic Control Measure to allow 2003 engines to meet a less stringent standard.

CARB adopted the change at its Nov. 18 board meeting. It asked owners of TRUs and TRU generator sets with 2003 engines to order compliance technology now to meet in-use standards by Dec. 31. Also, TRUs and TRU gen sets with flexibility engines need to register their TRUs in CARB’s Equipment Registration system.

Affected owners now will have the option of using the less stringent Low-Emission TRU in-use standard by the Dec. 31 deadline, instead of only using the Ultra-Low-Emission TRU. But if they chose the low-emission option, they still must meet the ultra low-emission option before 2018.

CARB voted to allow the less strict standard because of limited availability of the necessary technology.

At is Dec. 16-17 meeting, board members will consider amending the Truck and Bus, Drayage Truck and Tractor-Trailer Greenhouse Gas regulations. The Sacramento meeting will be available by webcast.

Call (888) 878-2826 for more information on TRU regulations.