Fikes offers higher pay to use uDrove

Fikes Truck Line has partnered with uDrove, a provider of electronic hours-of-service software and paperwork replacement programs, to offer its owner-operators a 1 percent pay increase for using the uDrove system.

uDrove uses a smartphone as a tool for keeping electronic driver logs, tracking mileage for tax purposes, recording fuel and business expenses, and completing DVIRs.

“We know change is coming to electronic logs and paperwork,” said Gary Salisbury, president of Fikes, based in Hope, Ark. “We have the choice to wait until it’s a law or get ahead of the curve. I personally use uDrove and see how well it will work for our owner-operators. I know it will save our owner-operators both time and money.”

uDrove supports Android, BlackBerry and iPhone smartphones from various manufacturers and wireless providers. “uDrove saves our owner-operator customers significant time in completing daily driver logs, inspection reports and managing expenses and receipts,” said Joel McGinley, president of uDrove. “Current customers report saving 30 to 60 minutes a day by using the uDrove smartphone application.”