Long Haul Untitled 1Long-haul drive

The SP 464 long-haul drive tire features a 28/32-in. tread depth in a tread pattern with three hydro grooves that help evacuate water. The tire also has penetration protectors made to resist cuts and punctures. It comes in four sizes: 11R22.5 LR G, 11R24.5 LR G, 295/75R22.5 LR G and 285/75R24.5 LR G.




Wireless Untitled 1Wireless battery tester

The EECS400 Wireless Battery System Tester checks battery, starting and charging systems wirelessly and displays battery condition as percentage of available capacity, related capacity and state of charge as a good, marginal or replace status. The tester comes with a hand-held receiver, battery module with leads, USB adaptor for PC printing, Microsoft PC data template CD, brass post adaptors and carrying case.


Refrigerat Untitled 1Refrigeration unit monitoring

The FuelCheck ultrasonic monitoring app for Vector and X2 Series trailer refrigeration units alerts drivers when low-fuel situations could lead to a system shutdown. It also enables fuel-consumption tracking.


Led Thermal Untitled 1LED thermal lamp

The Trilliant Cube LED WhiteLight Work Lamp is an LED thermal lamp that uses one-third the power of a halogen lamp. The 4-by-4-in. lamp has an illumination rating of 1,000 lumens, a service rating of 50,000 hours and features two beam patterns with a wide flood pattern.


Front steer axle

The Steertek NXT fabricated front steer axle is designed to save weight and minimize stress points, the company says. The axle accommodates various wheel end and knuckle designs and meets a capacity range of 8,000 to 23,000 pounds.


Aftermarket Alternator Untitled 1Aftermarket alternator

New alternators for medium- and heavy-duty trucks feature the RE022 brush series with 150 amps of power and the RE 555 brush series with 160 amps, both with a 1-year warranty. The RE035 brushless series features 140 amps and the RE036 includes 170 amps. Both systems have remote sensing capability to extend the service life of truck batteries. Both come with a 3-year warranty. The TRP alternators are designed to meet original equipment maker specifications and rated up to 221 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Cup Holder Untitled 1Cup holder

The Cup Keeper Adapter fits into the existing cup holder opening and accommodates any size mug, cup or bottle.



Voltage Sensing Untitled 1Voltage sensing relay and timer

The FlexMod Voltage Sensing Relay & Timer conserves battery starting power by shutting off auxiliary loads when starting voltage drops to a low level or a pre-set timer expires. The 4- by 3- by 1-in. system alerts the operator when starting voltage is low and cuts off non-essential loads such as air conditioning and exterior lighting to conserve starting power.


Backlit logo displays

The backlit logo displays are designed for each customer’s logo and increase a trailer’s night visibility. The customized Logolight features solid aluminum brackets and frames, aluminum composite letters, 80,000-hour LEDs and stainless steel-mounting hardware. Installation kit is included.




Fifth Wheel Grease Untitled 1Fifth wheel grease

UltraLube 5th Wheel Trailer Grease provides protection against friction and corrosion in extreme weather and heavy-duty operating conditions. The grease is packaged in a 2 oz. mash pack to help drivers and service technicians control the amount of grease applied to the fifth wheel.


Severe Service Untitled 1Severe service clutch

The New Lipe Clutch, a 15.5-in. cast iron direct pressure clutch, has a torque rating of 2,400 pounds and is made for severe service applications and for high-horsepower, high-torque engines.

Setco Automotive,

High Power Density engine brake

The High Power Density engine braking technology provides large displacement retarding power in small and medium displacement engines. It consists of two braking rocker arms and two collapsible bridges per cylinder, which enables a second braking event to occur during each engine cycle, by deactivating the main intake and exhaust events via the collapsible bridges and actuating the two braking rockers.


Permanent coolant leak repair

K-Seal HD is a ceramic and copper formula that mixes with all types of anti-freeze to make permanent repairs to cooling systems on all larger capacity engines. K-Seal stops leaks in the engine’s block, head, radiator, heater matrix, freeze plugs and the head gasket by pouring the contents into the engine coolant. One 16-oz. bottle treats cooling systems of up to 50 quarts capacity.


New Tire Untitled 1New tire sizes

Three new sizes of Toyo commercial tires are M122, size 285/75R24.5, and M608Z, sizes 215/75R19.5 and 265/70R19.5. The tires are all-position, drive-axle, free-rolling and on/off road applications.


Extended service interval grease

Delo Grease ESI extended service interval grease should be drained at a 30,000-35,000-mile interval. Its viscosity is between NGLI No. 1 and No. 2 greases, designed for general chassis purposes from the fifth wheel to wheel bearings.


Battery status indicator

The Battery Status Indicator monitors any battery’s power state, particularly for lift gate batteries, and alerts operators during pre-trip inspections that battery power may be low. The LED light flashes green if battery voltage is more than 12.4 volts, or 75 percent power, and blinks red when the voltage falls below 12.39 volts.


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