Talk show to focus on medical certification

Truck driver Ed Webb learned first-hand how some states are increasing their attention to the treatment of drivers suffering from sleep apnea. After being awakened by an Indiana state trooper who heard snoring coming from inside the truck, he found his medical certification being audited by the State of Indiana.

Webb’s story was featured in the June issue of Truckers News magazine, Overdrive’s sister publication, and he joins Truckers News Senior Editors Todd Dills and Max Kvidera as guests in a discussion of medical certification issues around the nation Wednesday, June 22, at 7 p.m. EDT on the Truth About Trucking Live online radio show, hosted by Allen and Donna Smith. Drivers can listen live to the program and find more information here.

It is no secret that truck drivers are working to achieve better health, from exercising to connecting to online social networks with others engaged in similar pursuits. On the regulatory side of the truck driver health issue, attention to specific conditions increases at the state level, while new federal programs to scrutinize the doctors giving DOT physicals and to do away with the driver medical card draw closer to implementation. 

Kvidera and Dills’ “Medically Certified” story is featured online here.

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