Cascade Sierra offers funding

Cascade Sierra Solutions has approximately $20 million in funding available to help small trucking companies and owner-operators upgrade or replace their trucks to save fuel and reduce emissions.

Combining funding from a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grant and a partnership of socially responsible investors, CSS will deploy the funds to finance truck and/or trailer replacements, SmartWay verified equipment upgrades and other clean diesel retrofits for in-use vehicles.

Financing is available for vehicles based and operating anywhere in the U.S. and works with state truck replacement incentive programs where a scrap vehicle is required. CSS has information regarding a variety of state grant programs for trucking companies.

Among the programs are Carl Moyer VIP grants for California-based trucking operations, ports of Tacoma, Wash., and Charleston, S.C., and a U.S. Department of Energy grant to finance plug-in equipment.

Information is available by calling (541) 302-0900 or (866) 345-3390, or visit CSS offices in Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and Coburg, Ore., and Charleston.