New health-insurance offering for Con-way Truckload operators

Owner-operators leased to Joplin, Mo.-based Con-way Truckload began receiving information over their Qualcomm units and in packets in the mail last week about a first-time offering from the company, the TrueChoices program. Under the program, administered by TrueNorth, a collaborative insurance and financial strategies firm, owner-operators will have the opportunity to choose from four tiered medical insurance offerings, two dental plans and vision, short-term and long-term disability, life, accident and critical illness policies.

Weekly settlement-deducted premiums will vary according to plan chosen, base state and individuals’ health histories, but could be as low as “$100 a month for an individual,” said Recruiting Manager Gretchen Jackson at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas. Choosing among coverages, she added, “you can create your own costs and manage them directly yourself. She added that the offering marks the first time the company has made a health care benefits package available its leased owner-operators.

“As an independent small business, today’s owner-operator often has difficulty finding affordable health care insurance,” said Bert Johnson, Con-way Truckload’s senior director of human resources, who noted that owner-operators typically are not eligible for the same health care plans as those offered to company employees. But the TrueChoices program, he added, “is tailored for owner-operators, offering a selection of affordable plans which provide important health care coverage at a competitive cost.”

The program is available through membership in the non-profit Truckers Service Association (TSA), an industry association which provides motor carriers and independent owner-operators with insurance solutions. Con-way Truckload owner-operators can join TSA for a $9 per month membership fee, which then provides access to the TrueChoices program.

Open enrollment with TrueChoices was set to begin in early September and will be available on a rolling basis. For more information, owner-operators can call 800-877-9637 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.

Also debuting at GATS was the company’s Steering Your Health blog,, where Jackson noted the company will be promoting paths toward better operator health.  

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