Allison shows new 10-speed automatic transmission

Updated Sep 16, 2011

Allison Transmission Sept. 14 introduced to the media a radically different, 10-speed fully automatic, twin-countershaft, range-type truck transmission called the TC 10 TS.

The unit will be marketed for use in numerous applications, including day cabs, truckload, regional haul, LTL, liquid transport, equipment transport and construction,

Todd Dygert, NAFTA-MSS product specialist for the TC 10, described the unit as having “blended architecture,” combining characteristics of the twin-countershaft mechanical truck transmission with those of existing Allison automatics. Like all Allisons, the transmission will have a torque converter with lockup clutch in place of a standard, dry clutch at front. But, it will have helical gears integrated with a twin-countershaft layout for five forward speeds and the reverse gears in the main box, as well as a two-speed planetary range box at the rear. Also, the torque converter will be used only for launch, locking up before the shift to second gear under nearly all circumstances, to save fuel.

The transmission is new from the ground up, including the torque converter. Dygert said all shifts will be made through seven multi-plate wet clutches similar to those used in other Allison automatics, two of which will serve to handle range shifts.

Allison says production will begin on Oct. 1, 2012, and will ramp up beginning in 2013. Several prototype transmissions are being tested in fleet operations. Final warranty terms are still to be determined, but a 5-year, 750,000- mile warranty is the target.

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