Trucker Buddy David Kuklewicz is ‘the whole package’

David Kuklewicz has been named Trucker Buddy International’s Trucker Buddy of the Month for October 2011.  The trucker was nominated by Deborah Jagow Wynes, the special education teacher he has worked with at Barker Junior/Senior High School in Barker, N.Y., for the last year.

Through the program, he applied real life experience for lessons in math, geography, writing and social skills. He also talked to the students about trucking.  Because his terminal is more than 300 miles from the school, Kuklewicz keeps in touch with students through post cards and packages, besides three classroom visits.  Kuklewicz’s caring attitude, exciting ideas, sense of humor and thoughtfulness make him and Trucker Buddy International “the whole package,” Wynes says.

Trucker Buddy International,