Cupid and truckers

Updated Feb 21, 2012

I learned today that a leaf blower is a great tool to use to clean out rain gutters on a house. Learned by using a leaf blower in that way for the first time.

Diane woke up this morning in our Florida vacation house where we plan to stay until mid-February. I woke up in our truck at a freeway rest area where I spent the night. The house is located in a quiet gated community (the “park” as people call it here). I drove the truck to the Sylectus conference and would have arrived back home late last night. Out of consideration to our neighbors we do not drive the truck in the park after bed time, so I spent the night at a rest area and drove in this morning.

Today was a day to mentally decompress and organize the information gathered and impressions gained at the Sylectus conference. Taking naps and doing mindless house maintenance was part of that process. I made notes as article ideas came to mind.

It was nice to be back together with Diane. On the road, we are together 24/7. We enjoy each other’s company and are together most of the time off the road too. It is unusual for us to be apart for more than a few hours at a time, let alone a few days.

Husband-wife truck driving teams are frequently asked by others, how do you live and work together all day and all night in a truck and stay married too? The answers vary from couple to couple. Some couples can do it, others cannot. Some of the most in-love couples you will ever see are crisscrossing the country in trucks. Diane and I are blessed to be one such team.

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