Blogger legal issues

Updated Feb 23, 2012

I learned today a bit about the legal issues bloggers must deal with. Learned by dealing with them.

Diane and I woke up this morning in our Florida vacation house where we have been since early January. We hoped to be out of here and back on the road by now but I’m afraid I have taken my eye off the ball. The lack of focus I wrote about in recent days turns out to be directed at myself as much as anyone.

The legal issues came up not because I am in trouble but because I am growing as a writer. This blog was recently picked up by Overdrive is a major publication in the trucking industry and its people want me to enter into a contract that governs my actions and theirs regarding my blog.

I think that is a good idea but the contract they sent for my review was not one I would sign so the discussions began. They are figuring out what it means to bring a non-employee blogger on board. I am figuring out what the issues are on my side. It is a mutual discovery process that we both seem to be enjoying.

On another topic, the highway is out there but Diane and I are not on it. I’m down on myself about that and fighting off a head cold too. Today is not a high-energy day.

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