Ready to roll but delayed again

Updated Mar 1, 2012

I learned today that Express-1, Inc. is raising the rates it pays to straight trucks. Learned when I received the notice by e-mail.

Diane and I woke up this morning in our Florida vacation house where we have been since early January. The work that has been keeping us here this long is now complete and we are ready to get back on the road to haul freight.

Sadly, a new delay developed when Diane woke up ill this morning. It’s a head cold, bad enough that if we were out on the road we would go out of service to give her time to mend. Happily, an agent called this morning with freight that picks up on Monday. That gives Diane more than enough time get over the cold and gives us a firm date and time for getting back to work and out of Florida.

It gives me time to get a head start on three more articles I promised to write. I’d rather be trucking than writing, but with Diane ill, writing is the best thing to do.